App not listed in My Apps

Well this is embarrassing. I need to make some changes to an app I built for a client several years ago, and thought I’d lookup the App details (client ID, secret, etc.) to remember what I can manage. To my surprise, there are zero apps listed on my My Apps page. I can’t imagine using any other account than the one I’ve always used. I do know my app’s client ID and secret and API calls still work, thankfully.

Support seems entirely forum driven still, so how can support find the owner of this account for me or verify why my app is not associated with the account I’m using? I can’t even find an email from Asana around the time I created the app, assuming one was sent to me with the app details.

Any ideas?

Hi @EricLegault,

Send an email to with all of this info. Hopefully they can help you out. If not, come back and let us know.


Thanks Phil. If that api support email is published somewhere on the site and I missed it, I apologize. I followed the support trail and it only says to post in the forums.

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