App for Linux

I use only Linux, seems like I have landed for Pop OS (Ubuntu) since early spring. I’m using “create short cut” on Chrome and allow the Web App to start. Many times actually better than an dedicated app. Works perfect for Asana!

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+1 Linux App all the way!

I would also be very interested in this feature. Many devs use Linux as their main os.

At a minimum, Create a Chrome web app. I’ve noticed many software products are moving in this direction. This makes the app OS agnostic.

Bumping this thread along…
15 developers and we all use Asana+Linux.

Another drop of water in this ocean of requests, how is this coming along Asana dev team?
this has been a long time coming… :roll_eyes:

Hi Everyone needing this, Great news! I found it on SNAP store!!

sudo snap install asana-snap

This is technically an option, but from what I can tell, all it does is load using Electron. It’s not substantially different than creating a browser shortcut.

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Yeah your right, and I don’t see how i can integrate everhour either

It’s a shame no Asana Desktop app for Linux, so now when this will happen, at least tell us it’s not for the next 5 years…