Any known timeline on a Linux client?

Currently, asana does not have a linux client that integrates with the service. Is there a known timeline for this?

The new company I just joined runs Linux on it’s laptops (System76 mostly). I’d rather not run the clunky WINE shim. For now I’ll stick to the chrome interface; but a native client would make a big difference.

In case any of the devs read this: having the linux client have a CLI mode would probably not be that much extra work. That way I could add a task via a private bash script etc.


The current app, at least on windows, appears to be the same as their website-- Likely is just a browser container. So when I just switched to Linux the other day, All I did was install the website as a web app. Basically just doing the same thing myself. Almost every browser except for Firefox and Safari (that is, every chromium based web browser) allows you to install any website as an app-- Even some browsers based on firefox will allow it. Go to, Install it as an app, and it’s basically the same. If you normally sign in using your google account, then there’s one extra step of going into the settings and allowing as a website so that it opens within the app rather than the web browser so you can sign in.

Only thing missing is CLI but, you don’t even get that in the windows version.

Here’s a link for instructions

The “create shortcut” button may be labelled differently. In my browser it’s “add as app” and depending on the browser they might get cute and write something else there. but it’s the same functionality. And you should be able to glean the meaning by context.

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After coming back to my post and seeing the title in the link preview I realized I may have given the wrong link (i didn’t notice the title but the directions were similar to what i did so i assumed it was correct, again, I use a fork and not chrome itself). I don’t see an edit button but I’ll provide another link thats more accurate:

Process is similar, again, visit website → find item in menu → install.