App for Linux

A Linux Asana App would help so much.

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Same for me

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Same here!

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Literally Linux is the OS for work, it’s 2023, we need the app


Any updates on this? we haven’t heard from you in over a year.

tagging in some other people incase Rebecca is no longer working at Asana who may or may not know who the right person is to update the community @Marie @Phil_Seeman

Hi @WesW and thanks for tagging me in this convo. I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I will comment on this thread as soon as I have an update!

Lots and lots of software developers - very likely including your own - use linux. There’s no excuse for not having a linux version of the app in 2023. At least not if you cares about the workforce rather than just the middle managers and CEOs that you sell the product to.

It shouldn’t be a “we’ll get back when we have an update”-thing, it should be a “we are sorry of this major limitation, we are working hard at fixing it”-thing.


Same here!

I have now created an unofficial version here: personal/asana-for-linux - asana-for-linux - Nuño's git repositories (also backed up here

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Yes - please add a linux app!

I was very disappointed to click the notification in my browser to install the desktop application, only to find out that it was only available for Windows and MacOs. I hope this will be sorted out soon.


When a Linux desktop app?

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Just piling on. App for linux would be invaluable.

I recently repackaged the Asana Windows app and made sure it works, but I’m not deploying it because there’s an error during the login process and I can’t use it normally.

Asana provides the program’s code in a minimized and obfuscated state, which makes it difficult to catch login errors.

It would be great if someone could help us with this.

Another straw for the camel. In a world with Electron, this can’t be too hard.

Bump for a linux desktop app!

STEM grad student. My research group is running Ubuntu on personal desktops, personal laptops, laboratory desktops, and research group laptops.

Disappointed to find an official Asana Linux app is still not available despite being requested almost two years ago…

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The given solution is not working.

Same here, please launch an app for Linux asap!

Yes, please. Awaiting Linux App