App development

Hello there!
It’s nice to become a part of the community. The question I have is more like of request. Please share the outsourcers you worked with on mobile apps. And If you have some tips on hiring developers, please share.

Hey @Stolek. Nice to have you here :slight_smile:

You need developers that are experts on using the Asana API or mobile developers in general?

For the latter, I can introduce you some devs but I need more details on what do you want to implement.

You can visit the developers section of to find asana api devs.

There is an endless list of tips on hiring freelancers. Maybe a day I will write a detailed post.

Some quick notes: Have a clear scope of the project. Choose first by attitude and communication. Skills and knowledge go after.


Thank you for your reply!

As for specifics I need an app for a small local taxi company. With following functions: booking, cost calculators, payment, notifications, gps-module and maybe chat as well. And all the other bells and whistles :slight_smile:

Hi! There’re countless number of them from all around the world. You could check or other Internet clusters with freelancers. Personally, I would recommend you to get few insides of work ethics with freelancers and some tips and tricks as well. Here’s the great article to begin with How to hire an app developer: Crucial steps before hiring in 2019. And One more advice. Pay special attention to their communication manner and then to the portfolio.

I would add an additional company to it outsource web development. Thought it’s better for you to look through all the possible offers to get the task finished inappropriate for your time and within the limits of your budget.

Actually, getting with app development could be challenging without any help, so if you are to be with that kind of development, you could check for Outsource Illustration Services | Custom Illustration Design and take an outsource help.

I would like to suggest to read a really useful guide called “Hire augmented reality developers: tips and practices” Hire augmented reality developers: tips and practices , if you have an AR app idea , it will be interesting information for you .