API not working in some cases

I have been using asana API from Google App Script for more than a year now, it worked perfectly until recently. My requests tend to get rejected A LOT, either because of I dont have access to the workspace / project / task (which I created them myself —that does not make sense) or the object is unknown (but we have many activities in it). It is so frustrating because API can be working in one workspace but not in others. Am I the only one who experiences this? Please help!

@Jeff_Schneider or @Matt_Bramlage might be able to help!

Is there any limitation on numbers of workspaces / projects / tasks that can be accessed by each API personal token? Because I can successfully update my task or create task in one workspace but not in other workspace, and yes I created both workspaces myself.

Hey @Kristian, sorry to hear you’re having issues. There are no limits to the number of workspaces, projects, tasks etc. that a personal access token (PAT) can access. PATs are scoped to users, so they can be used to access everything that the user can access (i.e. whatever workspaces, projects, tasks, etc. that you can access in the web product, you can also access them with a PAT via the API).

To troubleshoot your access issues, my recommendation would be to first confirm that you can access the object via the web product. If you can, then try making a CURL request for that object. We haven’t made any changes to our API that would change the behavior of Google App Script. The only limitation of App Script is that it doesn’t pass back headers so you can’t use Asana webhooks with it.

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