API is not working for us

Can someone please take a look? It was working fine when we were playing around with it but now the personal access token is not working for some of the commands we were making.

Hi @Ananya_Dam,

@johnnygoodnow isn’t the personal token something that was supposed to disappear?

I know API Keys were deprecated but in my own testing, Personal Access Tokens still worked fine.

@Ananya_Dam, I think some additional detail will be needed. Are you saying the exact same code worked and then didn’t work? If so, are you perhaps running into rate limits? Or that you can get some commands to work but others won’t; and if so, which ones are not?

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Good thinking @Phil_Seeman thanks for jumping in :+1:

Seconded on @Phil_Seeman’s response - let us know if this is still an issue, and some more context, and I’m happy to look into it (or give guidance).