Enabling Personal Access Tokens?



We are unable to create Personal Access Tokens. We are seeing this warning at https://app.asana.com/-/account_api > “Manage Developer Apps”

However, you’re a member of an Organization that does not allow you to create personal access tokens. Please contact your admin with any questions.

I’m sitting with my admin but we are not sure how to enable this. Please let us know if this is something we can do in settings.



Hi @Eugene_Huang, your organization is making use of an enterprise Asana feature, which allows admins to blacklist and whitelist particular apps from accessing the API. Your admins have explicitly blacklisted all personal access tokens in the organization, which is why you are unable to create one.

To enable personal access tokens, your admin will need to contact their customer success representative and ask that the organization’s blacklist be modified to permit personal access tokens again.

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