API for time tracking entries, and project names (BoldBI?)

I attempted this in BoldBI but am wondering if there is a better option available…
Goal: Table of assignee, actual time by project, with an overall filter for dates (accounting can see between 1-15th how much time was spent on each project by assignee).

  1. First API to pull projects from a portfolio, then created a dashboard parameter for project_gid.
  2. Second API was for tasks, using the dashboard parameter project_gid and opt_expand.
  3. Third API was for tasks with the custom field used for tasks that need to have time added to them, with a dashboard parameter for task_gid.
  4. Fourth API was for task time entries, using the dashboard parameter from third API for task_gid.

Issue: the fourth API does not provide the project_name or project_gid for the task time entry. I have not found a way to combine all fields from the fourth API and reference against the second API to pull in the project_name or project_gid to pair to the task_gid. What am I missing? Even with opt_expand+ you can not see project_name or project_gid due to string limitations.