Any way to set the number of significant digits on a custom field with formula calculation?

I have a custom field that utilizes a formula to calculate the quantity of something. I would like the field to display only a whole number rather than with 2 significant digits (14 rather than 14.00).

You can do this when creating a ‘normal’ custom field, but it appears it is not possible when you utilize a formula.

Any recommendation on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

I’m summoning the formula expert @Richard_Sather :wink::sparkles::unicorn:

Hi @Nick_Kaczmarek , welcome to the forum :wave:

The only way this is achievable is if all the input number fields of your formula do NOT contain any decimal points. You can set this from each number field’s Edit menu and select 0 decimals.

If you need to have decimals, even for just one of your input number fields, the formulas output will include the same decimals.

Unfortunately, currently, we are not able to format the output of formula fields, such as you currently can with number fields. I know, its a bit of a pain and hoping for a fast-follow update soon.

Thanks for the update Richard.

In my use case, I have a custom field with 2 significant digits for weight in pounds and a custom field for quantity with no significant digits and multiply them both for the formula. Unfortunately, I need to keep the weight at 2 significant digits, but would prefer that the formula output is to whole quantity.