Anonymize old employee after deactivation GDPR EU


A former employee has deactivated their account but we can still see the full name and profile photo in their old tasks / conversations. This is not GDPR proof since their personal information stays visible within our organization forever. Removing this info is a required feature for EU Asana users. There should be way to anonymize this info but still keep the old conversations / comments / tasks.

So this: John Doe (with actual photo) created this task becomes: Old Employee 1 created this task

Hi @Redmar_Kruithof :wave:t3:Sorry I’ve only come across your post this morning!

I’ve liaised with our Privacy experts who confirmed we can help you anonymize private information of users who’ve left your company. We handle these requests via Customer Support, so I’d highly recommend you to reach out to them.

I hope this helps and again sorry for the confusion! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Thank you Marie! It would still be a nice feature and perhaps help reduce the workload of your support team :wink: