Announcing milestones!

Hi all,

Just to let you know Milestones are now available to :100:% of our users! :tada:

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Thanks Marie.

I see assign copies. I also see I can select multiple tasks and change their due date, so that makes it a viable band-aid. Inelegant, but it works.

We are happy to speak with your development people is they want a clearer understanding.


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Hi James!

I would love to learn more about what you want to search for regarding Milestones? What are you trying to achieve here?

Mainly create executive report sorted by project with molestone staid only.


Now that Asana has rolled out the new way to add a Section and Milestone, they have removed the “:” as a way to designate a Section, which means all our csvs have to be updated. Can this really be the case? There’s no way to designate a section now via csv? Same for milestones. no way to predefine certain tasks as milestones in a project.

To me the purpose of Milestones is to keep team members aware of of important progress points in a project. To this end team members should at least have the option of seeing all pending milestones on Projects of which they are members.

The use of the project progress tab is very helpful for that.


You can see the last status of the project and milestones on the same page.

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Yes, if you are only working on a couple of projects.

Our people typically have 20-30 active at any one moment.

Inactive hide details for "Mickaël via Asana Community Forum" ---02/28/2019 06:03:52 AM---> To me the purpose of Milestones is“Mickaël via Asana Community Forum” —02/28/2019 06:03:52 AM—> To me the purpose of Milestones is to keep team members aware of of important progress points in a

In that case, I will probably use a tag “milestone” on milestones.
I will then do a search using

  1. In projects : select the 20-30 projects
  2. Followed by : your team member :slight_smile:
  3. Has tags : milestone

Then you can save this search in Reports and group milestones by projects as default view.

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Is there a way to hide milestones from a board? I just want to see them on the calendar & timeline…

Hi @Christine_Hill,

There’s no option to hide Milestones in board projects at this time.

Milestones were recently launched and I know that Asana’s product team will continue working to improve it. For this reason, I want to suggest you to create a new thread in the #productfeedback category with this report of yours, this way other users can vote for this feature request.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


Is there a plan to sync only milestones over to a calendar feed? Our team likes to use a google cal for a variety of reasons, and currently syncing over ALL tasks to it, just clutters the calendar and renders it useless. I got excite about milestones, hoping I could choose to sync only milestones for important tasks over to a Google cal. Is this in the works? The use case is we are a video production company - and while there are a lot of tasks for each project, we like to track important dates such as shoot date, cut 1 due, cut 2, due, delivery. Currently we double handle it all but duplicating onto Google cal, but would be great if Asana would feed this over to for us - without the other 100+ tasks in between all those key milestone dates.

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@Stacey_Wiemers, As a workaround you could multi-home (Add to Project…") just the milestones to a separate project (say, “Milestones”); sync only that project with Google Calendar instead of the main project, and that might save you a little work.

Hope that might help,



Hi folks,

Just wanted to share this great news with you: Milestones are now available in your Search results :tada: As usual, we’re rolling out this new feature gradually, so if you don’t have access it to it just yet, don’t worry, they will soon be available to everyone!

Have all a great Friday!


Why why why in the world is Asana preventing the use of start dates for Milestones? We have a client that specifically wishes us to start work on major milestones on particular dates, which we’d like to track.

We really like Asana, but these occasional (and hard to fathom) gotchas are tough to take.

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Hey @dean.clough, I understand what you mean and can see how this would make your Asana experience better.

Please feel welcome to create a thread about this in our #productfeedback category for other Forum Members to vote on! You can learn more about how we track your feedback here.

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thank you I hope we will try it out in our company soon