Android widget does not refresh automatically


I added a widget from the official Asana Android app to the desktop. I noticed that the widget does not refresh automatically. Example:
[16:00] I created a task with due time 17:00. The Widget shows 17:00 in green color.
[17:01] The widget still shows the task with 17:00 in green color, although the time has passed.
If I open the Android app now, the app shows 17:00 in red color, and the widget is updated accordingly.
It would be nice if widget can update automatically, without needing to open the app to force a refresh.


Hi @Fan! Apologies for the trouble, we’re aware of this issue and our team is currently working on a fix. Thanks for the report and for your patience, we really appreciate it!


Thanks for the quick reply, Marie. Looking forward to the fix!


Hello, wanted to check in on this as well. Would there be a timeline for when the widget can autorefresh?

It would be a huge timesaver for our workflow if this could happen :slight_smile:


Agreed. This is a basic, but much needed feature for widgets.
I see this report was filed in March. Any updates on a roll out?