🏠 An Asana project is like a room in a house

An Asana project is like a room in a house. It should be enjoyable to be inside it otherwise that room will never welcome anyone.

Treat your projects with the attention they deserve. Have a clean workflow. Create nice custom fields with clear names, colors and emojis. Make sure your project add useful custom fields to any task added to them so people will want their task to be in them!

For example, if you want to have a project that holds all meetings, you need to “attract” all tasks representing a meeting. Adding your meeting task to that project should bring you value, not cause you extra-work. The project should have a nice name like “:spiral_calendar: Meetings”. And most importantly, it should have useful custom fields like a room number with a drop down of all meetings room in the building. A Zoom room number field. A meeting date field, separate from the due date. A duration field. A meeting report status with values like “Choose a reporter”, “Report to write”, “Report to share”…

Turn the paradigm around: do not force people to add tasks to projects, but make those projects so good people won’t have a choice!


Great post, thanks for sharing @Bastien_Siebman!

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