Allow users to upload images (e.g., logos, photos) to serve as project icons

HI @Allison_King!

At the moment there are no updates on this topic but is something that will be considered in the future. I’ll keep you posted when we have any news!

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Just bumping this with another up vote!

We’re a publishing company and being able to use a book’s cover as the “cover” for the project would be amazing!


I too really need this feature for my company’s projects. It would be good to know when this (rather standard) feature will be added to Asana.

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I would liked it if I could add a photo to a project main screen (dashboard), it’s much easier to quickly identify a project by it’s icon/photo rather than reading all the titles. Right now it’s just a screen full of squares in different colors.

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Welcome to the Forum @Dudy_Bar-Tal and thank you for submitting this idea in the Forum! I also agree it would be great to be able to customize the project icon with an image!

There is already a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to consolidate feedback! Please don’t forget to upvote it by clicking on the Vote button next to the title :slight_smile:

Have a great week @Dudy_Bar-Tal!

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Totally agree.
Those colorful squares don’t mean a thing if you still need to go over and read all the titles.
If there were photos, it would be quicker and more intuitive to reviews all projects.
Thank you!


Any news on this? This would be an amazingly helpful feature to distinguish between projects!

hi, adding upvote, as account manager I manage multiple tasks list per each customer/project. Having option to add customer logo as project icon will help significantly with navigation.

Could someone from Asana provide some view/reasoning why it was not done yet, please?
This looks as fairly simple functionality to add, there are certainly interest based on the upvotes. But as this is opened since Jan 2019 it does not indicate it will be done early, if ever.

It would be nice to know what is Asana project/product team reasoning on this matter, so we/users can understand if this is something plausible in future, or something which wont be most probably done due to some other reasons. thx


+1, please!

Just want to add to the vote for this option. We are a conservation not for profit and we have a large number of projects in ASANA and it would be great to use images that would allow quicker navigation.

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Standard emojis would suffice for now
Would be a low bandwidth solution for Asana



This would be a helpful feature.


any update on this please? is it possible to ask product managers to update these threads from time to time?

I’m in the process of evaluating and subscribing to Asana. I’m in the second day of assessment and I’m here at this thread because it was instantly something I thought should already be available. To see that this “feature request” has been on the table for almost two years and not addressed is rather disappointing. Clearly, with the ability to import any image under the sun for a tasks inside of projects, it is completely within the capabilities of your tech team to make this happen.

Like Pavol said, why is there no when? And with the absence of a when, why is there no why?


Another +1. When working with a very visual team, the icons and colors in the projects help, but could communicate so much more if i could map them to what they are. (I.E-> We schedule a lot of happy hours, so I’d love to upload a martini glass or something instead of the little chat bubbles)

Not a solution but we have icons in all our

Project names
Team names

You open a task > go to comments > choose the emoticon > copy it > paste it in the name of the project / team > enjoy

Many of our larger Asana projects have code names. We’d like to add an image to the top of the project page that goes with the code name. So, if the project codename is “Phoenix” (Yes, perhaps the most over-used codename, but this IS just an example), this image would appear at the top!

Simple, delightful, fun feature.

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