Allow users to upload images (e.g., logos, photos) to serve as project icons

+1 for customisable project images.

Really basic and absolutely a must-have.


The lack of this, which I think is a basic common sense feature, was one of the first things I noticed as I began to use ASANA, and the first thing I searched for in the forum.

Seeing how long this has been discussed and in so many now ‘merged’ threads, and the lack of response other than said merging, is a bit concerning


Is there a way to do this yet, nearly 4 years after the request?

As a web developer, having such a feature is not a big task, should take half a day or so for a developer to add an image upload field to show instead of the project icon.

Then we can upload custom logos or whatever for the project images. Pink colour means nothing to me.

Thank you


Seriously what’s the deal? You can do this no problem with free Notion.

We now have lots of projects and it would be really helpful if we could upload our own image, instead of only selecting from the Asana icons.
Please make this feature available.

It would just boost productivity and help to organize projects much better. Please - it cannot be that hard to implement?!

We’re considering leaving asana to notion over this feature. WTF, Asana how hard could this be; it’s clearly needed and a shortfall of your platform.

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I am with you on this.
We are also testing Notion and Asana side by side.
These icons are from the early 1990s.
We have a lot of projects and need strong visual distinguishing features:
Custom Icons
Custom Colours
Custom Backgrounds
Custom Patterns

We need a listening project management partner.
This thread is 4 years old!

Please invest the 1hr development cost to implement this library.


almost a year has passed since your latest reply on the subject.
is there any news here?

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Just adding weight to this thread… cannot understand why pretty much all other apps out there allow you to upload your own avatar/icons, it shouldn’t be difficult. At least add more icons to the available options on a regular basis! Apple makes a whole marketing story about an update containing 'new emoji’s! Come on Asana, if it’s too difficult to allow custom icons, at very least regularly introduce new ones.

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Yes! Adding additional colors would also be beneficial to accommodate brand identity too. Has there been an update from Asana on this?

Also in here to add weight! Our team is hoping for either customizable icons/colors, or at the very least, more options.
The brain registers visual way faster than words, so having customizable icons/colors would help a lot with project navigation!

Hi there, not even an answer? we the users deserve that you are polite with us

Welcome, @Sergio_Paz-Rivas,

Threads are updated when there is new pertinent information to share. Please don’t mistake it for being impolite, which Asana employees and the rest of us volunteers always strive for.




Is Asana working on this two year old request? So basic, but seems like it’s not being considered.

I feel like this is a must have feature to better visualize the project - I upvoted, but please make this custom icon thing happen pretty please!

Hi @Aaron_Halonen and @Jason_Phillips1 , welcome to the community! :wave:

@Aaron_Halonen I’m sure Asana has this feature already under consideration. However, can you imagine all the unique requests or ideas that daily receives from us users? It’s already voted quite a lot of times so I suggest we just wait patiently… and it will happen! :sparkles:

@Jason_Phillips1 I totally agree with you this feature will help visualize the projects! I’ve upvoted myself for this. However, I’m not sure if it’s a must have feature… meaning we can still work efficiently without it. But for sure it will be a very nice touch :yum:

Let’s not forget that on the sidebar we only get colors, so the logo/photo will only show once you get in the project (unless that changes as well in the future…). I personally handle this as @Bastien_Siebman suggested and it works perfectly!



Nice! Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce, we just launched the option to personalize projects with custom icons in our Enterprise plan. You can learn more about this update in our recent announcement:

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