Allow other users to edit an automation rule.

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Currently, it is not possible to edit/delete Rules created by another user. This is a popular request in the Forum, however! We do have an existing thread in the #productfeedback category for this request so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this to consolidate feedback! :slight_smile:

Regarding your specific case, when you deprovision someone who has Rules, their Rule will be paused and ownership of any Rules on projects will be passed to the Project Owner. If there is no Project Owner, ownership will be passed to the Admin who deprovisioned the user. Only the new owner of a Rule can re-activate the Rule to have it continue running. You can find more on Rules in our Help Guide: Rules • Asana

If you need additional assistance, I would suggest reaching out to our Support Team: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Can I pas my own rule’s ownership to someone else at least?


A bit ridiculous that this hasn’t been implemented, we had someone go on parental leave and now all of their rules are uneditable and undeletable for a year, all we can do is deactivate them. This is a huge issue that definitely needs to be fixed!


I’m also interested in this. I often am the one to help the team set up rules for their own projects, and then we had to redo the set up once they’re more acquainted with the project. It’s a waste of time.

Actually I believe a message to support allows you to regain access. But that is not practical I agree!

Hi all :wave:t2: I’m excited to announce that we are introducing the ability for Rules permissions to be extended to other users. :tada:

Simply uncheck the “Only you can edit this Rule” as seen in the image below :slight_smile:

We are in the process of rolling this feature out to all users so if you don’t have access just yet, you will soon! :slight_smile: