Allow Emails to be uploaded as an .msg attachment with the Outlook Integration

Create the ability to include an email as an .msg attachment when creating an Asana task directly from Outlook using the Outlook Integration to Asana Feature. This way you can open the .msg file and easily forward, reply, reply all, etc. and it will have all of the original email formatting and details. When you add it as a comment in Asana, you lose all of that functionality.

Before Asana, I would copy an email from my Outlook inbox and add it as an .msg file to an event in my Outlook calendar to remind me to follow up with someone at a later date so (a) I didn’t forget and (b) I could delete the email from my Outlook inbox. When the reminder popped up, I could easily open the .msg attachement and reply, reply all, or forward the email with all of the content, formatting, and attachments. I want to be able to use Asana for the same thing but with the current limited ability to only add the email as a comment in Asana, it’s not easy to open and reply or forward the email. I know that I could save the file as a .msg file and then upload the attachment to a task but that is a lot of manual work that defeats the purpose of the Outlook integration. If there is an option to upload the original email as an .msg file instead of (or in addition to) adding it to the comments in the task, that would make this feature even more useful for me and I can abandoned my current Outlook approach and move all of these reminders over into Asana as well.

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