All task across projects

Hi All,

I would like to see all tasks mainly focussing on below topics across all projects.

  1. Over Due task or milestone
  2. Task without Owner
  3. Task without Due Date.

Note : I am looking from a admin perspective where the report includes projects which i am not part of.


Did you have a look at the advanced search capabilities?

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ :wave:

I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, creating Reports with the Advanced Search is probably the easiest way to achieve what you’re looking for!

I would also recommend taking a look at these other threads where we discussed similar questions:

Hope this helps!


Advance Search did solve my majority of my problems. Thanks @Bastien_Siebman and @Marie

Task without due date which are not created by me is still missing in this list. Any help on this will be appreciated

what criteria did you end up using?

Advanced Search as mentioned in my earlier comment

Yes but with which options? What are you filtering for?

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ,

Just in case you didn’t know this tip: in the “Created by field” you can type “not me” > results will return all tasks that were created except yours. Thought it might help with the report you mentioned above :slight_smile:

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