after adding subtasks to project, they don't nest in list form

I added my subtasks to my project so they would show up on my timeline. Now my list view is a mess because all the subtasks are listed in the section along with the parent task. If I have 7 tasks in a section and each task has 8-10 subtasks, the list is waaaaaaay too long. Is there a way for the subtasks to show up on timeline and still be nested under the task in list view so you can hide away the subtasks in list view?

Welcome, @Missy_Weldy,

Your best bet is to create a section called Hidden Subtasks, move it to be the last section in List View, move all the subtasks you don’t want to see in List View but had to add in order to see them in Timeline View, then keep this Hidden Subtasks section collapsed.

Hope that helps,