Advanced Filters with OR


I’m very glad that Asana has recently implemented the ability to sort by multiple fields and filter the intersection of multiple fields. It’s getting closer to what I can accomplish in Notion currently, but Asana is limited in the following ways:

  • No ability to use the anti-filter for a Select field:

    I can only select to filter where the “Stage” field we have is one value at a time. I am not able to filter where Stage != Done. I am also not able to filter where “Stage” in (“Triage”, “Backlog”, “Planning”, “Ready”, “Dependent”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, “Late”, “Blocked”), which would be an acceptable workaround. Notion does currently support both of these features:

  • No ability to add a filter with another field with an OR as opposed to an AND.
    Another issue referring to the same screenshot of Asana I posted above, there is no way to currently filter using the boolean OR across multiple fields in Asana. In my example, I am working on backlog grooming in Asana on long, old backlog where previous employees have not consistently used our Stage field or the Completion vs Incompletion in Asana. I would like to be able to filter to where “Status is incomplete” OR “Stage != Done”, to view all the tasks that we haven’t completed.

  • No nesting of filters
    Notion has this capability already, where instead of just doing all ANDs or all ORs in your filter, you can specify the grouping/parentheses of the filters, allowing for more complex views and ease navigating.


This would be massively helpful.

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This is one of the reasons because my team will leave Asana soon.