Admin access to ALL deleted tasks


  • Requesting admins & super admins to have access to ALL deleted tasks, not just their own.


  • One of my organization’s team members brought up a very interesting scenario. Basically, they proposed the hypothetical situation where a collaborator on a sensitive task containing important information deleted the task, whether by accident and didn’t realize it, or even intentionally and refuses to restore it. In either case, it seems the only way to recover such a task currently is to identify who deleted the task (if you can manage it!) and have them restore it (which won’t be possible if the person simply refuses to recover it), or to export the organization’s data to CSV or json format which is (1) horrible inefficient, and (2) such an export may or may not contain deleted task data (I would assume it does, but couldn’t find anything on it online).

That said, the simplest solution, which really should exist irrespective of this scenario, is to give admins & super-admins the ability to see deleted tasks for the entire organization, not just their own deleted tasks.

Obviously, even more ideal, would be to have people “backup” the information in the aforementioned “sensitive task” to another source, like a Google Doc, so that it can’t be totally destroyed. But, it’s not a perfect world and that won’t always happen. Hence this request. :smiley:

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Absolutely valid and needed on the enterprise level. We’re facing the exact same issue. Please implement this.

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I would really love to see some sort of “trash can” function to see all deleted tasks. at a minimum, so activity tracker for the project board so that I can see if someone else deleted something.