Adding Task from Outlook Desktop - Choose which section from the outlook UI

Is there a way to direct the task that is being created in the Outlook desktop app to a specific section - Absent that, can it default to a specific section - Like to be filed or something along those lines?

Hi @Jeff_Angell :wave:

Meanwhile other forum members answer on the Outlook desktop app (that I don’t know), I will propose a workaround.

If you use the Asana feature “Email tasks to a project” (see guide), you can transfer your emails to a project.

If you do that, you can store all your emails in a specific project (without necessarily being in your My tasks).

And if you really need it in your My tasks (and in particular section of your My tasks), you could technically create a series of rules to do that.

Bonus: Create an automated forwarding rules in your Outlook to automatically create the tasks based on certain criteria (or as soon as you move your emails in a specific Outlook box or tag)

Hope that helps, a little
(and I honestly hope others have an easier solution :sweat_smile:)

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One solution is to use the Hashtag Automation workflow capabilities in our Flowsana integration.

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I was trying to avoid an additional monthly expense…Sad Face