Adding a "Decision" type of tasks

In addition to Tasks, Sections and Milestones–I’d love a “Decision” record type.

I’ve been using tasks, but I don’t want them to disappear when they’ve been decided. And if it is unchecked, it feels like it has been undecided.

Example: <> Decide on partnership with Acme Corp and Southwest expansion

Attributes: Decision outcome, decision made date, decision-maker, decision-inputter, etc.

Something like the new Approval tasks, but that don’t disappear? Interesting… In the mean time, you could have tasks using special emoji in the name that you change whenever you made a decision. Like “:thinking:Decide on partnership with Acme Corp and Southwest expansion” becomes “:+1:Decide on partnership with Acme Corp and Southwest expansion”

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Hi @Eugene_Chan, I think taht a combination of Approvals + Custom Fields should help you to achieve this :slight_smile:

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@Eugene_Chan, Workarounds include 1) setting your project view to All Tasks (instead of Incomplete Tasks only, the default) and Save Layout as Default so that marking complete will still leave the decision task visible, and 2) considering making the project in which the decision tasks exist Comment Only for others so that they can’t mark the decision tasks complete.



Right! Um, this is exactly what I was requesting. Did you read my mind!

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Thanks for the tip about Approvals. I didn’t know about them.

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