Add multiple tabs feature to the app

I use multiple project boards on a daily basis. It’s a bother to having to constantly switch between projects, especially since Asana doesn’t store user filters and sorting preferences. Multiple project tabs would be a welcome addition.

Hey @Can_Uzer,

You know that you can save a layout as default right?

In projects that various people have edit access to anybody can basically save their preferred default view.

One thing you could do would be multi-homing either all tasks or some tasks of the team project in a project that only you have access to then you can save your preferred view.

Another option would be using the advanced search and save the search report.

Or set up a chart that filters exactly the tasks you want to see and then you can click through the chart to only see the tasks with the relevant filter.

And you can save projects as favorites also if that helps?

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My of my clients likes to add all their projects to a private portfolio which will allow them to traverse between projects using the breadcrumbs.

This will not resolve the sort/filter issue if you need a different view from what the project norm is. Unfortunately, My Tasks doesn’t have this capability yet. You can however, use a Rule in My Tasks to multi-home any tasks added to you to another project as @Andrea_Mayer pointed out, then filter/sort as needed.

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