Add full dependency options in template tool (currently can only make dependent)

I am trying to create a “blocking” dependency on a milestone with a batch of tasks.

In a live project, I can do this very nicely. However when editing a template, it appears the user is only allowed to choose “make dependent” which equates to the “blocked by” direction.

Any chance we could have two-way functionality added to template tool to match the live project functionality so that we can take a batch of tasks and have them “blocking” a milestone?

If you open tasks one by one you can define both ways.

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Yea I saw that. But thats just hugely inefficient. Im trying to make a batch of tasks block a milestone.

The better workaround is actually to make them dependent, then go into that single task/milestone and quickly reverse them (less clicking this way).

Still, the functionality exists on a live project, so Im guessing this is just a shortfall of bringing that over into templates? Really should be there.

If only it was the only one → Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose