Add effort menu option in Workload view

I do not see a “Add effort” pulldown option in my Workload view.

The first image is from the Asana help pages. The image below is from my Business version of Asana. I do not see an “Add effort” option under the Workload view.

Has the tool UI changed between the Help page and the current release?

@Gerald_Garcia it appears that your effort for this Workload has already been set to Estimated Hours, second to last item in the header.

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@Jerod_Hillard thank you for your reply but I do not understand your remark to have answered my question. The first image, taken from the Asana website, shows the “Add effort” selection (with pulldown menu) on the Portfolio > Workload view. This option is not visible on my Portfolio > Workload view.

My Business plan version appears to only have Task Count and Estimated Hours as a pulldown menu in the Workload ribbon. The website image has Points and Work Hours as options. I am asking if the “Points” is still an option for Workload calculations, or has that changed in the current relapse of the product and the website image is just out of date? If the latter is correct then this increases the complexity of our organization’s evaluation process due those differences in understanding Asana’s current set of features.

I must have missed that you were explicitly stating you were not able to edit the effort or capacity, as I can (shown below):


@Marie is there a permission of some sort to be able to change this? Do you have to be the owner of the Portfolio? I don’t see that defined in the Asana Guide on Effort but I might be overlooking something.

Since you can’t see the edit option @Gerald_Garcia that helps explain the confusion. No changes to how Effort is defined. You can use any Number Custom Field to measure the effort (in addition to Task Count). Estimated Hours just happens to be what was used in your example as “Allocation” is in mine. Hope this helps clear things up!

Thank you Jerod and @Marie

I am able to edit effort and capacity in my evaluation project portfolio. My question is regarding the section entitled " Add task effort to gauge capacity" on the page Workload • Asana

The movie shows a what appears to be a portfolio view with the menu options
“Add effort Today Zoom: Filter Color:”.

The section has the text “Tracking task effort means your capacity will be based on hours, points, etc. instead of simple task count.”

What are points? They do not appear as a menu option.

Can you please also send me the URL for these screen shot:

I don’t see an option for points or displaying a dashed red line for capacity.

@Gerald_Garcia Points is just a sample Custom Field used to measure Effort. It’s popular with SCRUM. There aren’t any pre-defined ways to measure Effort. You can create whatever type of numeric field you want and use it in a portfolio.

The dashed line is only shown when you edit capacity. It is a visual indication to demonstrate when areas turn red. It isn’t something that is actively displayed when viewing Workload.

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Hi @Jerod_Hillard,

I’ve just ran a test and it looks like you need to be the owner of the portfolio to be able to edit effort!

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Does that help?