Add "check if task is added by email" to rules

Similar to the “check if task is added to this project by form” option in rules, it would be useful to have an option to check if tasks are added by email, and then trigger actions based on that.

(I tried to find a similar request but couldn’t — if this can be added to another request that would be cool.)

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Until/if this feature is added, you could consider making a “shadow” project which you use exclusively for the destination of email forwards, then you’d know these tasks were from emails.

A rule could add all new tasks to the corresponding main project so it would be equivalent to sending directly and provide this extra “hook” for customization.



Currently, it’s possible to trigger rules, if new tasks are added to Asana via form submission. In some of my projects, tasks are added via an Email, that is sent to the Asana project Email. I’d like all these added tasks to automatically show in a certain section/ way etc. Could you add development, so that I can use Email submissions as trigger for rules?

Hi @Anna-Sophia_Schmidt,

I merged your post (and vote) with an existing thread on the same topic.

Also FYI, as a possible solution until Asana might add this capability, you might consider the Hashtag Automation workflow in our Flowsana integration. It lets you add hashtags to the subject or body of an incoming email to set properties on the resulting task. For example, to have an incoming email with a subject of “Follow up on new widget” be automatically placed into the “Follow ups” section of a project, you would add a hashtag with the section name before emailing it into the project; so the email subject would look like:

Follow up on new widget #Follow ups

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