Add an icon for tasks with description

It would be great if there was a way to tell if a Task had content in the Description box at a glance while in List/Board view. A preview of the description text would be fine, but an icon would be simpler and cleaner.


Hi @Ryan_Gordon3
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It would be good to know what the use case is? I think this might clutter the view but understand what you want to achieve would be helpful.


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Hi @Rashad_Issa !

I am coming from having used Trello and most recently, MS Planner (meh). Trello had a 3-line icon that would show up in Board view indicating that there was content in the Task Description. Planner had an actual preview of what was in that Description box.

For me personally and what the nature of some of our projects look like, it’s nice to know how involved certain tasks are going to be or if there are specific instructions. Being able to tell at a quick glance if something is as simple as it looks or if it requires further instruction has been very useful in the past.

I hope that answered your question and provided some clarity!


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Yes, that does, thanks for taking the time to explain.

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Hey Larry. I see that this original thread was created in October of 2019. Is Asana typically this slow at implementing new features? Is there any real hope of them adding this at some point? (I’m only on day 3 of using the software, and a lot of it is fantastic, but this seems like a simple feature request).


Every few months or so a quite-old request seems to get implemented, but there are no guarantees.



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Add ability to show the task description on the task itself in “Board” view (similar to MS Planner).


I’d like the ability to add the Description box to the List view.
It’s surprising that being able to add that box to the List view is not a standard feature since it’s a built in field.

I found the Asana2go extension. It’s a cool extension but non-technical people at my firm wouldn’t use it.



Hi @Zach_Bach I understand your point but descriptions can be really long and i think personally it would clutter the view.