Add a comprehensive list of data limits to the Asana Guide


I found several threads on the topic, some closed, but was not able to find a definitive list fo data limits in a Project similar to what Trello has at Solved: I am a trello user, If there is any limits on list...

The sales page says unlimited tasks which is at an account level, but does not call out any limits on an individual project bases. Example, is there a limit on the amount of data allowed in a project, and a separate limit on exports

A few threads i searched

  1. maximum-amount-of-projects-tasks/14855
  2. check-your-free-account-against-the-1000-tasks-limit/106546
  3. limits-on-the-number-of-projects-we-can-create/71295/2
  4. limit-to-number-of-dependents-dependencies/37923/11
  5. task-limit-for-youre-about-to-hit-your-teams-1-000-task-limit/106536/27

Would it be possible get more specific and official info on actual board/project data limits in the web UI or API ?


I’ve been advocating for a list like this for quite some time now (and I know @Marie has pushed for one as well).

@Marie @Emily_Roman - would it help if we moved this post to Product Feedback and let people vote for it? Do you think that might help the appropriate Asanas to see the user desire for such a list?

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Hi @Phil_Seeman and thanks for the mention! Of course, happy to move this thread to the #productfeedback category. I’ll also merge other threads we have on this topic.

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Hi All,
Where can I find information on the limitations of Asana? I could find the API rate limits, but what about file storage, how long is activity history stored, # running flows,…
Tnx for your feedback!
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PS: we would be using the enterprise plan

Thanks @Marie - That would be great!

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Hi folks,

I’ve upgraded @Richard_Sather list to a standalone post (with his approval). It will be a lot easier for customer to find, and easier for us to reference!

To anyone looking to learn about Asana limitations, please head over to 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana.