"Actual Time" not allowed for Subtasks

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We had originally been able to make Actual Time for subtasks work, now it wont show up in that task unless you create a parent task and then convert to a subtask

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Mmm I’m not 100% sure to understand the issue here @Gavin_Scott-Miller1. Are you not able to manually enter data in the “Actual Time” on subtasks? Could you possibly share a screengrab or the steps to reproduce the issue?


Here is a link to a quick screen grab video to show the steps!

Thanks @Gavin_Scott-Miller1,

I just checked with our team and subtasks roll-ups arent launching until the end of January. you probably got briefly access during a test, but the feature isn’t launching for another couple of weeks. Keep an eye on New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱ for updates!

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