Accessing the Reporting-API

I have a Power BI dashboard that uses the Asana connector to retrieve project data for various teams. Unfortunately, Power BI’s built in Asana connector does not allow for pagination, so if the data set is too big, some data gets truncated.
I have been able to connect and retrieve data using Power Bi’s Web connector using Asana’s APIs, but it’s not very useful as there are just too many tables to connect with, and to get specific data you have to know the GIDs for practically everything.
I have discovered that Power BI’s built in connector uses a different API than what Asana has documented. For example, the API URL is
However, the Power BI connector uses the URL

The Power BI connector returns a dataset that is much easier to work with, but doesn’t allow you to configure any pagination settings. So my question is this: Is there a way to use the reporting API with Power BI’s web connector so I can configure the pagination? I’ve tried editing the query, but haven’t had any luck with that.

I am dealing with a similar problem. I want to use the get request that PowerBI is making in a custom python script, but I get the error “The resource requires authentication, which was not supplied with the request” when I provide my bearer token.