Accessing shared files in OneDrive

We are having a major issue using Asana as we are all working on the same files in shared folders, and only the owner of the folders seem to be able to attach the files to tasks. The team members are able to access shared the folder (as they have added it to their OneDrive) in Asana but not select and attach any file from the folder.
This means we never attach any file to a task or a comment - which is of course an important drawback to the use of Asana.

Would it be possible to attach a file that is in a OneDrive shared file that I do not own?


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Hi @Didier_Laval, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

For shared folders, you will need additional provisioning from your IT Admin to allow 3rd party software to access the shared folder. Here is a screenshot of what the provisioning setup looks like​:

Hope this helps!