Access Token URL and status update

i’m trying to make a request to return the status update of project in a portfolio. Before doing it on n8n i try the request in Insomnia. i use the OAuth2 and i put id client and pwd but i need the Access token URL which I do not find. Where can i find this information ?

On the other hand i did it using bearer token and it works but when i want to extract the status in projects in my portfolios they return :

“current_status_update”: {
“gid”: “1204XXXXXXX”,
“resource_type”: “status_update”

How can i have the content of each status instead of those informations.

thank you

As indicated in the API docs (see “Customizing the response”), you’ll need to use opt_fields to request the additional fields you’re interested in; for example:,html_text


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