Ability to view assigned SUBTASKS in Portfolio>Workload

Thanks for the clarification. This example helps a lot.
Yes, I see the need for this to take place. I upvoted your feedback.

Until that happens, a workaround for me on this is to agree in the business the level of effort for tasks.
In project management, we tend to break down work into 4 hours slots. So if you take this and say each task will be worth 4 hours or even 8 hours - which means all subtasks should not overrun from that time. If this is a business wide agreement, then you can define that level of effort to that agreed number of hours and then it will give you a better reflection of the workload.

Remember that you can create a rule to ensure each new task added to a project to include be assigned an 8 hour or 4 hour time value in a custom field and that will automatically show in your portfolio.

I hope this helps a bit.

Yes, your suggestion is similar to what we are doing as a work around. Thanks again!

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My team utilizes the bandwidth feature in portfolios to help understand capacity and who to reach out to for assistance on projects. We are trying to restructure our project templates, and realized that subtasks to not “count” towards bandwidth. So the only way to collaborate on a single task is to have everyone with duplicate tasks. Will subtasks ever show up on portfolio bandwidth, please?


This is a highly requested feature, I’ll let you look for the existing one and add your voice there :slight_smile: thanks

Thanks for your feedback, @Jennifer_Hovestadt! I just merged your thread with Ability to view assigned SUBTASKS in Portfolio>Workload to consolidate feedback.

I second this feature request! There are just some tasks that need to be subtasks to make sense and not having them as part of the overall workload summary makes it hard to track time.

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May I respectfully ask if there is an update on this feature? It seems like a very popular ask that many people here have been requesting for, us included. It seems that there may be a concern that enabling this feature will overpopulate the workflow tab, but would it be possible to make this optional and allow the user to enable/disable this feature themselves?


@Andrew_Hung there is no news on the topic. As partners, we also raised this issue on behalf of our clients. Making it optional is obviously a possibility, even if Asana very rarely creates options to customise, it is usually ON for everyone…

It just seems odd, there are valid use cases that be filled by this feature. I understand there is probably a “best” way to organize work artifacts/project boards/etc on Asana, but each group/company has a specific way of doing their work and tracking progress, so why not add flexibility here? Would allow for even more adoption and satisfaction with the product.

It is never that simple. If for any feature you add customisation options you end up with a product that behaves differently for everyone and every company, making it harder to code, maintain, evolve as well as creating a sense of complexity for the new users. You’ll probably see that Asana has barely any customisation available compared to other tools…

I am adding my vote to this as well - my team has projects and project templates that require task templates, with subtasks and estimated hours included (like each round of routing a project through multiple teams) so we can redo the process over and over until a document is approved… and none of that is traceable in workload without subtask visibility. I am trying to sell Asana to the rest of my company so we are all on one platform but this is a huge hindrance for staffing and tracking.