Ability to print an attachment without downloading the file.

Hi everybody, today we can no longer print an attachment from a task with out downloading it first,
this is not a huge thing but over the course of the day it is time consuming, just wondering if this is just part of a new update or does anyone know of another way around it,

Welcome to the Forum @Trent_Stride and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

What you are saying is correct. This new behaviour responds to a recent update on the Proofing feature we have recently launched. You can learn more about Proofing in our Guide article.

I completely understand your point and on my side, I’m escalating this feedback together with other comments we have received about this new behaviour to our Team in charge. If I hear anything on my end, I’ll make sure to share it with you here.

Please note I’ve slightly edited the title of this thread to make it more discoverable for other users to upvote. I hope it’s OK.

Morning Natalia,
thank you for your response, appreciate it and will wait to hear further, thanks


We have a major issue with this change! We are wasting time and storage on our computers just to print something from a task. We are unable to even print out an attached Picture without downloading it!

As for the approval feature, it is completely irrelevant to what we are doing, simple attachments and pictures do not require an approval process nor should we have to upgrade our accounts and pay just for the ability to simply click print.

This needs update needs to be removed and only be available to activate to those who want to utilize it.

Is there any status change or an update to this issue being corrected?

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