Ability to create templates without a project owner or members

We have a couple of project templates set up within our team. As the person who created them, I’m set as the project owner in both cases. Consequently, every time someone creates a new project from this template, I get a notification that someone has shared the project with me, and I’m automatically added as a collaborator to every task.

If I remove myself from the project, there won’t be any owner or members, and the project will be stuck in limbo, with no one in the team able to edit or delete the project.

I’d like to request the ability to create project templates that don’t require owners, but can still be edited or deleted at a later date.

Hi @Mark_Hudson :wave:

Thank for taking time to share this great feedback following the conversation with @Marie! :slight_smile: We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an update about it!

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In the mean time maybe create a dumb user to hold this responsibility… If you have on seat not taken, might be worth it.


That’s good advice, Bastien. We do have a dummy account set up specifically for reporting, so I just might transfer ownership to that. Thanks!


Hi there
last discussions are already a year old and I was wondering if there has been any solution on this? I have the same problem and am added on all projects that are created from templates, which obviously is not the intention. Since we really want to make a move on using our own templates, I’d be happy to have a working solution instead of telling all colleagues they’ll have to remove me first. thanks!