Ability to Color Tasks

Would love to be able to mark different tasks as different colors for various purposes.

Hi @Mikel_Coale

Have you thought about using tags or custom fields to accomplish this? For example, a lot of people will use a tagging system such as ‘On hold’ in red, ‘In progress’ in amber and ‘Complete’ in green.

If you use custom fields you can also set up a drop-down with different options in different colours, and people can change them as they progress.

With either option, you can then create advanced searches for tasks associated with certain tags or fields, so it makes it much easier to track and report.

@Alexis wrote a great post on this elsewhere, which might help you decide which to use:

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It would be really helpful if we could change the background color of a line in list view, even if the choices were limited to white and gray. This would help legibility if we are building a dashboard. For example, in the attached image, this dashboard gives us a helicopter view of work plan implementation. Each of the identified key challenges in the strategy has a line that is like a section header, and then there is a progress tracker line for each initiative under that key challenge. It would be nice if we could have the key challenges in gray or another color to better see the structure. dashboard|690x350