Color Coded Tasks

Would love to be able to color code tasks in the list and board views. Would help me organize much more easily.

Hello @Gregory_Tran and welcome to the forum :wave: ,

I’m a very visual person and love organizing with colors, so I love the idea. Can you elaborate how you would like to be able to see additional color functions?

One work around for now would be to use tags or custom fields with colors to organize tasks within projects. Remember you can also add emojis to task and project names too.


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I am planning on doing a complete study of the color choice done by Asana when a task in a board has tags and custom fields and is part of colored project (not that easy to grasp).

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Hi Katie, I actually didn’t know that you could use tags - that will probably be sufficient for me.

The tags were buried in a deeper menu so it might be good if that was brought out of the overflow menu so it would be more easily discoverable.

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My feeling is that tags have been buried more and more over the years. Even the simplest feature like listing the tags don’t exist and I had to do it myself, that is a strong indicator of tags not being worked on in my opinion.