Section Colors in Tasks



Is it possible to make the various sections of a task different colors, or better to allow customization of these at either a user level, workspace level or project level…

I find it difficult to see the different between the Task Description, Sub-Tasks, Task log and Task Updates. The ability to have each of these sections with a slightly different color background would help, plus the ability to be able to set the font color of these would be great…


@Chris_Ball1 at this time we do not offer customization of the various portions of a task. However, with Asana Enterprise we do invite customers to customize Asana with their own logo.


Hi Alexis

No problems

Just lodging this as an enhancement request, even if it is only on the Enterprise level

Many thanks

Chris Ball
Operations and Development Manager

RSM Financial Services Australia


I would love to have this same capability. We would love to color code our section titles red, yellow, green as a quick visual status on each section in a task.


Me too! Colour coding would be very helpful for some of us visual thinkers!