Ability to change the standard column view in the Asana + Salesforce Integration

I’d like to know how we can change the column view that shows a different column from the standard view in Salesforce. I would like to show a different field that mirrors the opportunity pipeline, see attached the standard view. Is it possible to change what is shown please? :grinning:

Hi @Berenice_Northcott, thanks for reaching out!

You can create custom objects in the Asana + Salesforce integration following these steps:

  • Go to Set-up
  • Click “Object Manager” > Create
  • Fill out Form with your preferred custom objects
  • To add fields, click “Field and relationships” >“New” > Fill out your custom fields

You can also add your custom object as a Custom Tab following these

  • Search Tab
  • Hit “New” and select your custom object

I hope this helps! but please let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi thanks, but can’t make sense of the instructions and how this will change the view of the asana pane? please help

Hi @Berenice_Northcott, thanks for getting back to me and apologies for any confusion here! I investigated this further with our support team and unfortunately it’s not possible to change the change the standard column view in Salesforce. I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback catgeory so other customers can also support and vote for this feature. Thanks for your feedback!