Ability for Asana to read mobile app notifications out loud

Is there a way for Asana to read notifications out loud, so I can listen to them on my phone app?
Thanks in advance.


I do not believe Asana has this capability. It may be worth searching if your mobile device has this functionality

Hi @Lindsay_Harris_Friel, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, this functionality is not available on the Asana mobile apps so I’ve moved your thread to #mobile:feedback so we can allow other customers to upvote for this request.

Agree with @Mike_Tammaro on checking if your mobile device offers this option so you can enable it in the meantime!

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Yeah, I was playing around in Settings > Accessibility, but it didn’t help. It seems as though iOS’s accessibility features will read, say, a page of text, but not a page of many notifications.
I might be able to fit Asana with my iOS Reminders and read them that way.

Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to learning more about this.