Your Year in Review 2023

I have the same problem as Larry and I definitely did not close anything either.


I never saw this on my Home screen, either. It never popped up. I usually read through all Asana pop-ups before closing them, so I am certain this ‘Year in Review’ never showed on my home screen but it did for my colleagues.

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I’m sure I didn’t either but couldn’t think of any other reason - glad I’m not the only one and hope that a fix can be found for us that missed out :pray:t3:

Thank you all, I’ve raised this issue with our Product Team and will circle back here once I have an update :slight_smile:


Like I just did and now I can’t access it again :weary: I quickly glanced and accidentally closed it out.

Hi folks, our team has fixed a bug that was affecting some users, so you should now all see your Year in Review, unless you closed it out :slight_smile:


thanks! So no dice if we already closed it?

Can you please implement a way to re-populate the year end review. I mistakenly clicked on the x when I was trying to move to something else and now it’s gone.

Hi @Marie
I clicked out of the year in review thinking that the stats would still be available. Is there anyway that I can get the stats from your team?

Yay I have it now!
Think it would be hard to accidentally close - thank you for resolving the bug :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Gina_Wang, no unfortunately we can’t repopulate it once it’s been closed out!

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