Will Asana be adding support for custom fields on the subtask level?



Would love to see this feature


Thanks for the feedback! I can certainly see how this would be useful. We’ll bring the suggestion to our product team.


Hi All Is there any Update on the release of this feature?


Hi @Vijay_Chinnaraj!

Custom fields are set on a project level, and while sub-tasks are indirectly associated with their parent task’s projects, they are not explicitly added to the same projects. (This is also why they don’t show up in the project list/calendar alongside the parent task.) If you want to enable custom fields from a project to a sub-task you just need to add the sub-task itself to the project that has the custom fields you want to include.

For now, that is the only way I am aware of to enable custom fields for a sub-task.


I now am in a team where we’re taking advantage of multi-homing and subtasks. Basically, most of the subtasks are also part of at least 1 more project. In that project, there’s a custom field for the defect number. If custom fields are supported in subtasks, it will be easier for us to see which defect number a subtask is assigned to. There won’t be any need to open the subtask just to see that info. It will be very useful!!!


This is the feature we are looking for as well. If we want the subtasks to be automatically a part of the project or use custom fields it would be wonderful to add this feature!


Thread closed. See open thread on this topic here: Will Asana be adding support for custom fields on the subtask level?