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I created a Board. In that Board there are widgets. In one we need to see:

Tasks that are due this week

The other should show

Tasks that are due in two weeks.

This will be used in standup meetings to show what we are working on this week and what work is due in two weeks.

My problem is when I set up the “Due Next Week” widget on the dashboard, it is showing tasks that are due this week and next week. But I only want it to display tasks that are due in two weeks.

In the set up of the widget, I used the following options, because I couldn’t see an option that said “Next week.”

I do not want to use the date option (On or Between) because that would require manual update every week.

Can someone help me please?

I believe you have to define specific dates, and change them manually… @Richard_Sather any other idea?

@Claudia_Ramos , unfortunately these ‘widgets’ (number charts) lack the functionality of ‘this week’ or ‘last week’ which you can actually find in a project’s filters in List view.

If you want a dashboard, then I would recommend a column (or lollipop) chart configured as such:
X-axis: Time period > Week based on task due date
Y-axis: Task count

You can set an optional filter such as incomplete tasks, if that makes sense to you.

Clicking on the bars will provide you with a list of tasks.

Alternatively, you could set up your project saved view tabs to display the tasks as you want, using the filters that I mentioned above. You can make 1 copy of a list view with each filter setting (as shown below, not both, but one for each) by using the ... to also rename the List view to exactly what is shown. That way, the presenter could quickly toggle between views during their stand up. This has been very effective for clients that I’ve worked with.

For more on saved views, you may want to read through this to master how to use them :muscle:

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I understand that, but it is a manual process that is not very efficient.
A manager that is not always in Asana will not know that they need to change those dates and may miss work that is due this week for his team.
Thank you any way.

This work around may just work. Thank you so much.

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