Why subtasks don't appear in your Project Calendar

This is a critical need for us. The way I am using it, I have to hunt around my many projects to see what is due and that is not working. Give us the option to option to see a universal dated list of work due all the way down to the sub tasks.

Would love and update on this its a major flaw for us.
I use a project to house a campaign and tasks as deliverables.
Subtasks are stages in the delivery.
My Calendar currently just shows date ranges for deliverables (tasks).
Not very helpful

This is an enormous missing feature–the calendar view in a project is functionally useless. I don’t care, because I have a list brain and not a calendar brain, but my calendar-focused boss is not at all supported by this behavior. Apparently Asana devs aren’t calendar fans either, because this design decision completely torpedoes the value of the project calendar view.


It seems clear that posting on this here isn’t impacting the problem - but this is another vote for having a simple toggle to have sub-tasks in the calendar and timeline. I work constantly with soft and hard deadlines. Few tasks can have a single simple deadline and this system for working around it is simply far too prone to human error.

The duplication of subtasks on the board make the Community Forum Manager’s instructions totally unworkable. I am looking to get started on Asana but have to re-evaluate because of this. If there has been a solution, I would love to hear about it. Thank you.

** I created a column at the end of each board to associate all subtasks with and i just ignore the column. A little ridiculous, but seems to be functional.

totally agree.

a project management tool without proper use of subtasks? who is using that?
pros must use that.

Still unable to see the subtask. This is annoying!

No reply from Asana team so far. Quite disappointing!

+1 for showing subtask dates on the Project calendar. Knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for this lol