Why subtasks don't appear in your Project Calendar

This is a critical need for us. The way I am using it, I have to hunt around my many projects to see what is due and that is not working. Give us the option to option to see a universal dated list of work due all the way down to the sub tasks.

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Would love and update on this its a major flaw for us.
I use a project to house a campaign and tasks as deliverables.
Subtasks are stages in the delivery.
My Calendar currently just shows date ranges for deliverables (tasks).
Not very helpful

This is an enormous missing feature–the calendar view in a project is functionally useless. I don’t care, because I have a list brain and not a calendar brain, but my calendar-focused boss is not at all supported by this behavior. Apparently Asana devs aren’t calendar fans either, because this design decision completely torpedoes the value of the project calendar view.


It seems clear that posting on this here isn’t impacting the problem - but this is another vote for having a simple toggle to have sub-tasks in the calendar and timeline. I work constantly with soft and hard deadlines. Few tasks can have a single simple deadline and this system for working around it is simply far too prone to human error.

The duplication of subtasks on the board make the Community Forum Manager’s instructions totally unworkable. I am looking to get started on Asana but have to re-evaluate because of this. If there has been a solution, I would love to hear about it. Thank you.

** I created a column at the end of each board to associate all subtasks with and i just ignore the column. A little ridiculous, but seems to be functional.

totally agree.

a project management tool without proper use of subtasks? who is using that?
pros must use that.

Still unable to see the subtask. This is annoying!

No reply from Asana team so far. Quite disappointing!

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+1 for showing subtask dates on the Project calendar. Knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for this lol


Our organization standardized on adding subtasks to the calendar by duplicating the task name as a section and adding the subtask to it.
Now with the new ‘show subtasks on the task list’ subtasks show up twice, which is confusing for some users.
With this new change, has the thinking behind not automatically adding subtasks to the calendar changed?

Hi @Marie and @Sara,

I have checked your work around solution but it’s not intuitive and doesn’t work well

We would love to have sub-task to display in Calendar, We are using another project management tool with with my customer, their project management system Calendar view can display tasks, subtask and subsub tasks on the Calendar. When in the Calendar view, we can select which task level we want to view.

For isntance, we can select to display only the main tasks (Level1), subtask (Level2), subsubtask (Level3) or select to display all levels as well.

We use Asana for different purposes, in this case Asana is used as Booking Calendar for Meeting rooms and Food & Drinks
We have created one main Section and two main tasks




Every new orders we will create as a sub task and put it into either the meeting room or food & drinks task. By this way we can always keep track on all different orders (subtasks) for different category (tasks)

That is why it’s important for us to see all the sub-tasks to display on the calendar view as well

Currently we have to create an Asana task, then go to Google Calendar to create an event on Google Calendar which is so inconvenient.

Everyone else who needs this feature please vote here Display sub-subtask on Calendar view

Please make sub-tasks visible on the calendar. It’s being requested for 2 years already. It is now a reason that makes me hesitant about committing fully to Asana.


This extra step is problematic because our users keep missing important tasks because no one remembers to do this. We need it to be the default or have the capability of making it default.

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Another vote for a toggle to show sub tasks on the calendar.

Calendar is useless for anyone using subtasks without this, as you’re not looking at a true picture.

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Hi guys I’m new here and have a follow up question about the calendar and different workspaces in a free non-business account.
I work in different workspaces ( uncorrelated businesses ) but would like to have ALL my tasks shown in ONE calendar view under My Tasks, but it’s not working. I can see the workplace specific calendar, but not a all in one.
Is this not implemented or did I just miss something?
I mean we’re all humans with 24h/d and pulling all tasks from different workplaces to one overview would make so much more sense to organize our time.