Why is text wrapping gone on some custom fields?

Hi! Within the last 2 weeks, my team has all noticed that text wrapping is gone on some custom fields, causing us to have to horizontally scroll to see the whole field or open links. It used to automatically wrap all custom fields with no horizontal scroll option when you have a task in side view. This has been extremely frustrating to navigate. Any way to undo this update?


Hi @Heather_Leith , welcome to the forum :wave:

Thanks for raising this issue, I actually just noticed it a bit earlier today so I’ve moved this to the Report a Bug category.

@Vanessa_N , @Ainhoa_Rico , could you escalate this please to the team?

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Hi everyone, I’ve also been able to replicate this issue on my end, so I’ve escalated the case for investigation. I’ll keep you all posted! Sorry for the inconvenience.


Following! This is an issue for our team because we use Google Doc Links in a custom field on all of our tasks. Thank you Heather_Leith for flagging!

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Thank you Vanessa! Checking in to see if there’s any update here in the last few weeks!

Hi @Heather_Leith, unfortunately our Developers don’t have an ETA to share yet, but as soon as I have any updates I’ll let you know! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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