Why "Get Tasks API" response did not return "UserList Section" info?

When I call GET /user_task_lists/:user_task_list_id/tasks?completed_since=now&limit=10&opt_fields=name,memberships.section.name, the section value is related to project section, not “My Tasks” list section.

How can I fetch the value of the section of “My Tasks” from API?


Do you know if the account you test that against has the new MyTasks V2 or not? Do you have the Baord view available?

@Phil_Seeman would that interfere if he is in V1 for example?

Hi @gombiuda (and @Bastien_Siebman),

Yeah, this is actually a bug in the newly updated My Tasks - the memberships field is not being populated with the My Tasks project and section data.

The Asana API team knows about this issue and is in the process of working on it - hopefully it will be resolved soon! :crossed_fingers:

cc: @Ross_Grambo

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So after the bug fixed, “My Task” API will return the section field of “User Task List” instead of section of “Project”?

Not necessarily. Two things to note:

First, I know the Asana API team is considering a few different approaches to providing the missing My Tasks section information. To the best of my current knowledge, it’s not definite that they will be solving it by sending it in the memberships property; it may be done some other way. Will let you know if I learn anything further.

Second, when you say “instead of section of Project” - the project data you’re seeing in memberships means that task is multi-homed into another project in addition to My Tasks. That information will not be going away; you’ll continue to see it in memberships for that task, regardless of how they solve the missing My Tasks section issue. Make sense?

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Fine. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for your diligent posting on this topic @Phil_Seeman.

I feel as though I’ve been following a trail of bread crumbs for the last day (while trying various alternative API methods), trying to figure out why our custom Slack integration stopped working and how to fix it (the integration posted what everyone had going for “Today”, based on tasks that each user had in that section of their UI).

From posts scattered across these forums (many from you), I think this thread is ultimately the conclusion (for now, at least): it can’t be fixed.

May I ask: if I wanted to be notified if/when this issue is addressed but didn’t want a lot of other “noise” from these forums, do you have a feeling for who or what thread should I follow here?

Thank you,


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Me, and this one. :wink:

I am actively trying to push the Asana API team as much as I can to fix this bug as soon as possible (hint hint @Kem_Ozbek) and I promise I’ll post a message in this thread as soon as that happens.


Hey @Brandon4 (and everyone else),

Wanted to update this post to say that this is now resolved!

There is now an assignee_section property on a task, which contains the gid of the My Tasks section where the task lives, if it’s assigned to a user.

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