Querying GET tasks always returns an empty "memberships" object

Hey guys,
When querying the GET tasks endpoint I always get an empty memberships object even though my tasks are part of a section and a project. Is this a known bug? Here is a screenshot:

Hi @PeshecaLocal,

Huh, that’s very interesting. It does look like a bug. I get the same results.

If you don’t specify any opt_fields parameter, you DO get the Membership info. But if you ask specifically for opt_fields=memberships, you don’t.

@Ross_Grambo, what do you think - it’s a bug, or we’re missing something?

@PeshecaLocal, @Phil_Seeman,

Isn’t it just that you need GET /tasks/9999999999999?opt_fields=memberships.project,memberships.section?

That worked in https://developers.asana.com/explorer when I added Extra Parameters opt_fields : memberships.project,memberships.section


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Yes, I guess that’s correct - you have to ask for the specific sub-objects.