Which workspace remains accessible after business trial ends

Hello, I’m managing more than 5 workspaces and I’m on Business Trial Plan. After the 30 days trial end, which is the main workspace that remains accessible and what happens to the other greyed-out workspaces? Thanks!

Hi @Amena_shaker, welcome to the forum :wave:

If by ‘workspace’ you mean the names you see in the dropdown of your profile photo/avatar menu (in the top right corner), then if you switch between workspaces, you should find the workspace which is in trial mode since it will show a yellow banner/button next to your profile photo. Your other workspaces should not be affected, unless they are also in trial mode…?

Not sure what you mean by ‘other greyed-out workspaces’ - perhaps a screenshot would help, if it’s possible for you to provide one without showing any private information?